A little odd, but I like it...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by F_Pantos, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Anyone got any others?
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  2. Terrordales

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  3. Better than than the original in my honest opinion and alus gives me a grin , warms up when they wheel out Venus Hum - stick with it !!


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  4. Stick with this, too. Techno Teflon Tony.
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  5. Good but I always liked the paint tub one better :)
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  6. This is actually @rustbucket.
    This is what he does with all his old waste pipe he cuts out!!

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  7. I have about one hundredth of his musical talent. In fact I’d struggle to play drums in tune.
    I do end up with a pile of off cuts about that big from even the smallest job though.

    measure twice cut once, oh sod it not again. Back off to the merchants.
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  8. Brilliant! Keep 'em coming :thumbsup:
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  10. That brings back juvenile memory's .
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  11. Terrordales

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    I must admit to being a fan of Sparks since I first saw them in the early 70's.
  12. I heard you're quite good on the old purple piccolo:eek:
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  13. I love sparks, I used to dream about having hair like the singer:p
  14. Moons

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    Not alternative instruments, but really good anyway if a touch precocious

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  16. This chap is a uke playing mate of mine
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  17. Was it 1973 when This Town Ain't Big Enough ?
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  18. Terrordales

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    I DID have hair like that. :D
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  19. Dubs

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    Pics, or it didn’t happen! :D
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  20. Yeah! No syrups allowed either!
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