79 Devon Sundowner Double top (?)

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  1. Hi all,

    I believe I have a 79 Sundowner Double Top. The chassis number confirms it was a Panel Van from 1979. The van has all the furniture units on the sliding door side. That is the rotating Fellows cooker unit, then at the side a longer cupboard over the rear near side wheel arch with space for carrying water on the top. This currently doesn't have a Fridge/cooler or sink but there is the waste pipe for the sink built under the van, so perhaps has been removed. It has a 3/4 rock n roll bed, the spare wheel on the inside, but also is has the 2nd row of seats that slide on floor runners and flip over to seat forwards or to sit facing the rear, I'm fairly new to this and I've never seen that before. Under two layers of carpet is the original Devon floor. Lovely!

    20190923_190446[1].jpg 20190912_215115[1].jpg

    Is someone able to help me with the engine 'code'? Presume it is a recon 1.6 and the number is the date it was made?
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  2. Google Zundfoiga 1 4 3 2 ....think that's firing order 1 4 3 2 in German.
    There's a thread on The Samba .
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  3. Many Thanks, it was more the engine code - or I think should be the engine code beneath - 02 10 14
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    Ace flooring:)
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  5. That isn't the engine code, it should have letters at the beginning.
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  6. Yeah the sundowner was really rare it was a people carrier/camper, it should have a double seat that can swing both ways ! - furniture has been removed from this one as well.

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  7. IMG-20190912-WA0017[1].jpeg Yeah - here is a picture of the 2nd row of seats facing forward. Tucked bhind is the Devon table that either attaches to the side of the camper (you can just see the runner attached to the side panel) or can be removed with the 4 legs all needs a bit of TLC and a tidy up. The covers are over the original 'tartan/check' style seats. Unfortunately the original fabric is too thin in places for me to use.
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  8. I had that flooring in my moonraker.
  9. I have the spare wheel on the inside rear passenger side. I currently have no storage at the back of the van BUT don't really want to hang the wheel outside. I was interested in an Overhead locker and a wardrobe to cover the spare
    wheel and add a bit of storage. Anyone got similar to this image? I have the unit in yellow and am looking for ideas to cover the red areas.

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