FOR SALE 78 OG paint Reef blue Microbu sold

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by radconsmoot, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. sold
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  2. Nice bus. What would be the shipping cost
  3. bristolsparks...have a word with Rickyroo as he knows a roung estimation of costs for shipping, he brought a US bus into the country earlier this year
  4. rickyrooo1

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    as if by magic.........
    i'm unsure if the bus above is near to the port i used.....
    it was cheaper to ship from los angeles by $400 than san fransisco where i had mine from so i had it trailered to l.a. i used kingstown shipping from l.a to felixstowe and they sorted everything to the point of it being released to me for £1395. don't forget you have to pay vat on the bus in the u.k at 20% of the purchase officially.....or 5% if you are lucky. there are ways to reduce this.......
    el off here is at the moment importing 2 busses and madfrankie imported using a different method than me, also joker has just done 2 so you will get a rough idea if you ask more peeps. hope this helps? feel free to ask anything else.
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  6. I have some camper interior that i will throw in also
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    Wish I could. Microbuses in blue and White do loom good. Also notice it's a bulkhead free bus. Only seen one other like that from new and that was an ex panel van.
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    thats £1885.......around £1300 to ship plus about £150 vat then you need an engine......
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  12. Dont suppose the white westy next to it in the 1st pic is a 72 and for sale is it? :D
  14. Have you found a good engine & transmission yet ? - key point for me !!!!.
  15. I'm searching for a bay and would give this serious consideration but know absolutely bugger all about importing etc? Could anyone advice me where i would even start with something like this???
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    you need rickyrooo1 one here , the guy with the brown van and big ears , he can help you import it :thumbsup:
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  17. Could you help me on this one???
  18. Quick tip with a function of the forum, start with the @ sign and then start typing the user you will notice a list appearing below and you can select the user as I have below, they will then get a notification to view the thread :)

    rickyrooo1 your assistance is required!
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  19. Hmmmm didn't seem to work though did it :(
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