75 nine fourteen

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  1. 93C8A84F-1F22-48CC-B0FE-F5C228C3D2A3.jpeg 15C1CC45-E488-4819-834D-2CA6ECB1706A.jpeg 6D0EC706-5825-4069-8456-8C0B864F77C9.jpeg Wanted one for years and tonight she arrived .... white 75 1.8 . Original paint and accident free . Not a touch of rust anywhere ..no history , gearbox in front and engine on a pallet ...
    First registered in 76 and last on road in 1988 ....engine is void of its injection system and looking I think it was taken off the road due to a leaky gearbox seal contaminating clutch ....I think the new gearbox seal kit , new flywheel and oily clutch give it away .....so it’s either source FI , carbs or put the SC engine in .....oh and it was Cheap ..
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  2. .....is it finished yet!...
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  3. That does look very nice. :thumbsup:
    I thought you bought it for the SC engine but it seems you’re having second thoughts now. If the engine on the pallet is original to the car I’d use that.
  4. Very nice !!
  5. 1800 engine that came with it has been devoid of FI so it would be dells or source original FI ...
    I don’t know if it was original engine but it is a 914 EC code ...strangely the fan housing has a CB code ????
    Car is in great condition but has no history and I don’t at this stage fancy spending out for the Porsche birth cert. .
    I could install the rebuilt WO SC engine or install the SC on the 1800 EC engine or go with carbs on the 1800 EC .. if I go the WO route I will need to sort dip stick and oil feed ..
    I’m going to pull the heads and have a looky see and make my mind up ....the WO has the engine baffles so would work
  6. FD698C9D-3CAD-4DA2-9B1D-394FA3DD62EA.jpeg Few more pics

    6A2CEF26-CF93-43A7-A4FD-9BDD4879CFFF.jpeg 092C639D-7891-4321-B357-E6E653C625C4.jpeg 54A7992E-690B-4585-8201-C34AC81F651C.jpeg
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  7. M 5CA4DFFE-746C-4FFC-B074-861FF0FB7C48.jpeg 5E2F0FEF-BD86-46E5-A7CA-4E37B5001FEA.jpeg 71DE363A-2DAA-4045-87BE-ADE7DAEEDEB7.jpeg 7BBE427F-D056-4238-AEB6-C1E56F910111.jpeg
  8. Which ever motor I fit I need to fit the 914 engine tin . I started stripping the 1800 engine and will pull heads tomorrow
  9. BEE45942-2EF0-485E-A104-461A8BF75FDC.jpeg C9651B52-61AD-4B7D-A49F-9397478D3FB7.jpeg 5BE83A29-681F-4086-922D-366E976A131D.jpeg FF83B978-C08C-46F7-87E9-847F8262270F.jpeg 4BF653E8-BD35-4681-BE5B-E4D20D59F03A.jpeg Pulled head and conclusion is 1800 needs a complete rebuild ...on the plus side I knew engine was a gamble but it has a decent thermostat and 1800 big valve heads .
    No history of engine so I don’t know if original or not or what’s been done to it bus fan housing etc ...

    Worked out how to reset speedo trip ...( you’d never guess ) but can’t work out seat adjustment ....


  10. Nice project:thumbsup:
  11. I think you’ll find.... B728D7B9-E251-4B24-A264-3978CCA4C025.jpeg
    ... that the slightly earlier year’s model had black bonnet springs....

    Good to have a choice of engines!

    The fuel line looks a bit scary - if you figure out what needs replacing in the transmission tunnel (mines got the see through plastic lines still) let me know.
  12. Shot blasted all tinware during lunch hours , when it comes back I’ll swop it over to the SC ..ordered rear euro lenses and genuine CV boots .enquired about headlights and euro front indicators .wound headlights up manually and jammed full of leaves ...had tank out so will put new fuel pump and lines in . Tanks very clean inside so a quick swill out and good to go .
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  13. She won’t need one ! ( but she will get one ,or a non MOT MOT )
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  14. F20B7E92-37A6-49A8-A47E-52A1B0F98DAB.jpeg

    Seats are really good apart from a small split on each seat .. pressure sensor in each base ? , they’ll need a good clean but both adjuster handles are bust ..so I’ll make two new ones .
    Overall interior not bad ,not perfect but ok .. dash is really nice with no major damage ..
  15. B332C675-050B-4A3E-8A1D-089D2E59224E.jpeg 002C6D28-574A-4B46-838D-EDB66BDE0D88.jpeg 880BF4DE-A0AE-47AC-BE07-5C9C5133777C.jpeg Removed headlights and cleaned bowls .. no rot to speak of considering amount of crap in there 66A7582A-FFFA-4B3B-AFB0-4AD0C1EFD39A.jpeg
  16. Never had an issue removing the rear hub nuts on my bus but Christ the 30 mm nuts on the rear of this has me jumping up and down on 4ft pole to get them undone ...drive shafts out ..discs heavy corroded so will replace and refurb calipers , i’ll Drop backing plates at powder coaters and check CV joints ....
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  17. Cheap GSF £26 clutch plate and rear £8 pads picked up .look fine .. new flywheel needle bearing and O ring ordered along with expensive rear discs .Hella headlights ordered and euro rear lenses fitted .Cleaned up stainless windscreen wipers and will get new blades . Still waiting on powdercoaters for engine tin ...
  18. always wondered how do you replace the needle bearing, do you need a very small puller?

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