75 cookin camper

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  1. Wouldn't go as far as naturally, if I don't know how do something a bit of research and trial and error. Also seems to work out, but I've got a few mates who do fabrication so I get my work checked out before moving on.

    Also a bit of no choice, I could never of afforded a nice already finished bus so it was either learn or don't own a bus :)

    I have manages to bruised both sides of my hips from doing this underneath. Bruises have only just gone down, but that's my fault for not having enough cushion and just working on the bare slabs.

    All part of the fun :D

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  2. Nice one keep up the good work..
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  3. Cheers dude, appreciate it :D

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  4. What’s the chassis rails like under the tow bar?
  5. The inner rear valance?

    If that's what you mean it's going to be replaced

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  6. The part the tow bar is bolted to
    The captive nuts corrode and the bottom of the rails rot
    It would be daft at this point not to remove the towbar and take a look.
  7. Chassis rails are fine dude already removed the tow bar it's been out back on as a brace at the moment, as I'm going to be cutting and welding all round that area I wanted to ensure nothing warps.

    Probably won't happen and a bit Overkill but it will also help aligning the d pillar bottoms I got coming.

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