74 Westy heading in the right direction.

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Milky, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Makes me want to touch it all over

    Looking great
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    Hi....you have the same model as mine, same year etc. What interior colour do you have?

    Only difference I can see is the 1800 engine and hatch...where they original do you know or added later (the hatch is a godsend I think)?
  3. It is all original and has the bright jaffa interior, deluxe chrome trim , ambulance step and did have a good working petrol heater that I removed .The model is a Westfalia Malaga. Really appreciate all the nice likes and comments. May be on the road next year as kids are dying to go camping in it.
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    Yep, snap!

    Mine had the step, but went missing over the years between my old man owning it and my finding it!

    Do you have a pic of the step?

    Does yours have indicators on the B pillars, above the belt line?

    Any ideas on the engine....I don't know when the 1800 came out but all the other Malagas ive seen (7!) are 1600 single ports....
  5. Hi, Step in in storage ready to fit .It is all painted and have a nice piece of Ash fitted to the step itself which then I will add a secton of the sticky sandpaper like the anti slip as used on the decks classic Yachts. In regards to a Malaga I assume it is that as it has the three knob hob, bright jaffa interior and darker wood veneer on the interior units.
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    It's the year, UK RHD that make it probable, the 3 knob cooked cements it!
  7. Another few weekends and all the outside will be completernal
    IMG_6243.jpg IMG_6246.jpg
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  8. Nearly watertight. 20180501_194300.jpg
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  9. that looks really nice in all over white, quite subtle looking :D
  10. Thanks for that comment as it is exactly the look I am trying to achieve. Cannot wait to get the jaffa interior back in. It has really been stressing me out recently just the long hours after work , getting out of my comfort zone doing bodywork and haemoraging money on parts but i am now finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Lots of mechanical work still to do but thats my full time job so should get easier .
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  11. Bus now out of storage and slowly going back together.Aiming to get fuel tank in tomorrow morning and maybe a couple of little bits and pieces. 1535122837309.jpg
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  12. Tank all painted, new breather rubber hose, fuel sender and supply pipe. 1535185601451558166807.jpg
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  13. Now in . 1535648423793-133224292.jpg
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  14. Looking great Liam
  15. Thanks for the lovely photo of the tank as I was wondering how much/where to place felt to cushion the tank. The work looks great and it is so good to see a long term friend restored to a high standard
  16. very very eye catching :thumbsup:
  17. Thanks ! The material is from the builders merchants and is the stuff they lag water pipes with.Kinda hessian material that is glued on with spraying adhesive.
  18. 20180921_130626.jpg 1537535004288-1490685279.jpg Well in goes the engine after 11 years of it sitting on my workbench.
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  20. Thanks for asking , no massive amount of work done recently apart from spraying waxoil in all the joints and getting all the lights and wipers to work .I did give fit new heater cables (front to back which proved to be a complete pain getting one particular cable to operate correctly without trying to fold up on itself . I lucky have the workshop but as I have said before getting the motivation to do the bus after 8 hours repairing other people cars is difficult .Next task is overhaul the brakes .If anyone has some genuine rear backplates I would be very interested . Will keep you all posted of progress. 1557296051156863702864.jpg
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