74 Westy heading in the right direction.

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  1. All day spend bare metalling the front end.No real horror stories under the old paint. 1520650136809568962774.jpg
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  2. Both wheel arches I personally replaced some years ago and just then painted them with some cellulose paint I had lying about but now time to strip these down . 15206502963161553687777.jpg e
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  3. Sliding door has had over two day solid of pulling out the dents and filling by Ian (The painter) 20180310_114834.jpg is getting there.
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  4. 20180310_145722.jpg 20180310_145723.jpg [ATTACH
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  5. Painter is super keen on this project as i am the dogsbody doing all the cleaning up and he gets to do all the skilled bits.
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  6. Looking great mate

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  7. Thanks for all the likes ! I am finally getting my VW mojo back .
  8. 1521862745251-41564809.jpg 1521862799927-1512760194.jpg 1521862799927-1512760194.jpg
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  9. Poptop roof rack all done.Due to hairline cracks all over the roof he initially painted it with Reface to bond and fill all the imperfections than a high build plaserat primer before flatting and apply topcoat .
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  10. Dashtop removed and will be bare metalled and then painted.Workshop is currently full of Bays but look carefully you can see a rare split oval Beetle quietly waiting in the shadows. 1521863535651-786549209.jpg 1521863571059-1884798473.jpg
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  11. 20180410_194319.jpg 20180410_194425.jpg

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  12. 20180410_194435.jpg
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  13. Outside is all ready for primer tomorrow then I finish sanding all the inside on Saturday then this will also be primed and eventually top coat. I am still doing all the grunt work in the evenings and saturdays and to be honest I am completely knackered but the sprayer is still keen to get the best results so I will just go with things and I am sure it will all be worth it !
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  14. On goes the primer.
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  15. 20180414_142714.jpg 20180414_142714.jpg 20180414_142710.jpg
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  16. Well the last Saturday I hope sanding .The interior is all sanded ready for paint and most of it cannot even be seen but I will not get this opportunity again so decided to just do the whole lot.
  17. At last painting nearly finished!
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