73 walkthough wesite dilemma

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dee man, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Hi there,,
    Im hoping you guys can help.
    I have a 73 westie continental walk though project,,, i bought it 2 years a go with the intention of restoring it,, but due to not having the time i havnt really got anywhere with,, except for accruing lots of parts/panels for it..

    So having bought a 72 crossdresser westie 2 weeks ago its time to let the project go..

    I bought it of a guy who had the same idea as me from what i can tell its been of the road for 20yrs,, it has the westie interior its complete form what i can remember ( all ready removed when i bought it and dry stored in garage)it has its engine (last run 2 yrs ago for 5 mins,, then removed by me and dry stored in garage ,,.. both front seats are original and still useable,, (they need a good scrub) its has all its glass inc the two louvered window units

    Like all uk buses its bottom area is rotten and i mean rotten, the compete lower 8" front to back needs doing..

    i have a huge amount of new panels inc front panel , lower panel,, deformation panel,, a pair of cab floor halves,, pair of front arches with steps,, /n/s passenger inner and outer sills,, i beams and top hats,, a pair of cargo floor halves (lhd) n/s rear arch panel,,, pair of rear corners,, battery tray and more,,

    i also have a pair of us import cab doors ,, a decent sliding door,,, good engine cover lid etc i even have a y spliter pipe for the heater tubes of the rear end.
    But it needs a lot of welding,, so in=t needs some who can weld or has deep pockets

    So do i
    A ....wait for the right person to come along and buy it as a job lot
    B.. sell it as a empty engine less rolling shell and part the rest out bit by bit ,
    C...do the unthinkable and cut it up for bits and part it all out..
  2. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Moderator

    Any pictures handy ?
  3. ive just trawled though all my albums and even went back on facebook for two yrs and i cant believe i have no pics apart from the one im using as a profile,, i can get some if you want,, any particular areas or just a general all over the place lot..
  4. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Moderator

    People would be able to give you better advice maybe.
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  5. Up to you isn't it?
  6. Baysearcher

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    Depends how much time you want to put into it.
    Breaking it / parting it out will be a lot of effort and you'll get bored of getting dozens and dozens of messages for the smallest of parts. You'll also spend a fortune on postage which buyers will baulk at.
    Price it fairly, bung it on eBay and it'll be gone by next weekend.
  7. rickyrooo1

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    chalk it down to experience, ebay it take the hit if you get one, it's gone....parting out is a faff.
    oi mister you got a prestud off the windscreen curtains? can i have a pic? £2? will you do it for 20p?
    sod that.
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  8. I can do you one for 15p....plus £45 p & p;)

    You know he speaks the truth...get shut and give someone else the hassle
  9. Part it out

    What engine is it?

  10. Ill take the full width bed and cushions as long as they are the yellow fabric ones
  11. Poptop2

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    I might take the whole thing at the right price.

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