73 bay fuel filler

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Nick Hill, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has replaced the fuel filler hose with the engine still in
    And if anyone has put a hatch in to access it
    Thanks Nick
  2. Just replaced the rubber sleeve and hose behind the filler cap with the engine out.

    Can be a difficult job trying to connect the hose between tank and pipe. I had to leave the tank straps disconnected to properly get hose connected. The rubber connection behind the filler cap needs to be accurately positioned and a trial fit would help.

    I made an inspection hatch but only usefull for checking sender unit.

    Make sure you get the correct parts. The ones I was originally sold were for a t25 and the connection behind the filler cap did not align with the 4 cap screws.
  3. Engine out is so much easier to do the job.

    I believe if you've a type 4 engine it can be done in place, but for a type 1 I'd say remove the engine.

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