FOR SALE 70 crew cab

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  1. 1970 VW Crew Cab. I imported this from South Africa in December 2014 as I wanted a RHD, I removed the fuel tank cleaned and repainted it, had a patch welded in floor took it for MOT and it sailed through. In July 2016 I bought a m/y 2000 Subaru Forester fitted with a 2.0 n/a engine with 79000mls on the clock with FSH, I removed the engine and had it fitted by Stef at MAC VW in Manchester using all RJES parts in October 2017. I cut and fitted a t25 rear inspection hatch for easier access. Fitted VW Heritage 4" dropped spindles with 944 hubs and discs on the front with a full matching set of 6j powder coated grey black metallic D90 Porsche alloys fitted with 175/60/16 fronts and 195/65/16 with 25mm adapters on the rears. I have had a cab height canvas blue cover with a stainless steel frame made for me by a boat cover manufacturer. The bumpers, front grill and badge have been powder coated in grey. In 2018 I had the n/s rear panel replaced by Slambassador. I'm just replacing the roof liner and kick panels, all the seats are in good condition with no rips or tears. Hoping to have it in the for sale ring at Tatton. Offers around £16000. IMG_0948.JPG IMG_0849.JPG IMG_0851.JPG Come over and say hello.
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  2. IMG_0987.JPG IMG_0988.JPG Roof lining and kick panels done.
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  3. Any one interested before I put it away for winter. Open to sensible offers.
  4. whats a sensible offer?
  5. Try him with a bit of old lead from the local church roof and new tarmac for his driveway!
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  6. Motorhome perfect add-on to Geordstiner :rolleyes:
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  7. Try me!! Won't be insulted. But I've got plenty of lead, sadly no driveway, so tarmac won't buy it.
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  8. Don't think your cool enough to be seen in it.
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  9. A not so sensible offer would be you dressed in a clowns suit complete with big shoes and rotating bow tie offering £200:thumbsup:
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  10. Good it’s for my mate Boris he’s after a campaign bus.

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  11. Mr Johnson or prime minister, show some respect young Andy:thumbsup:

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