WANTED 67-72 Steering Wheel

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by Kev946, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. as title. Please PM me

  2. What size is the threaded part at the tope of your steering column?
  3. Not sure but it's definitely not late Bay size.
  4. only mentioned it because I have a 71 crossdresser and some of the bus is pre 71 and some post.
  5. Mines a June 72 but pretty sure it's a Early size. Must check. Can you email a pic if you have a 72 steering wheel?
  6. Was mine not up to scratch? or are you collecting these things?!
  7. The one I sent was 22mm ...
  8. Did you email me? No received anything
  9. Sent a wheel that you paid for, via your post on earlybay, using Myhermes ...
    Are you saying it never arrived? :-/
  10. No got it thanks and will be using it. Didn't recognise you sorry.

    With 2 vans always consider additional bits.

  11. ;-)

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