6 rib gearbox

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  1. Got snow chains:p
  2. There’ll be a 2.3l type 4 engine going in with this gearbox. It’ll have some grunt if I’ve built it right.;)
    I don't have enough room for chains between the tyre and the arch.:)
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  3. Circuit Clastres next year then ;)
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  5. 113526.jpg 114527.jpg 114827.jpg 115002.jpg 115040.jpg 115536.jpg 120431.jpg 121304.jpg 121526.jpg 121755.jpg
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  6. 121807.jpg 122759.jpg 123444.jpg aaa.jpg
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  7. Its all tested and ready to go, will be a lot of fun.
  8. I’ll get it collected next week before the Brexit fiasco makes shipping in and out of the UK a nightmare.
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  9. What cleaner/s would you recommend?
    (Guess it depends on which parts ... Waiting for @snotty 's post now :rolleyes:)
  10. I’m looking forward to hearing how the diff performs.
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  11. Jizer is good.
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  12. The box is due to be delivered by DHL tomorrow then I need to finish the engine, the bottom end is complete and the deck height is set but I need to open up the combustions chambers to get the CR I want for the cam. And I’m having problems getting new valves – I want Intervalves Technologies AG valves (made in Switzerland) and I have them on order from design911.co.uk but they’re not in stock.
  13. Thanks :thumbsup:
  14. ...or petrol. I always use it - just try to remember not to have a ciggy on the go while using it.
  15. It’s back home, the crate suffered some (more) damage but the gearbox seems okay. I have some decent lubricant to fill it with. Thanks @nobody.

    IMG_6530 (Medium).JPG IMG_6538 (Medium).JPG
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  16. Tea tree and walnut oil works well in 6 ribbers ;)
  17. It doesn’t give you 6-speeds like Castrol Syntrans does though.
  18. 2 extra gears :eek: wouldn't know what to do with them

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