6 rib gearbox

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  1. Only on a ‘pay to view’ basis with all payments to me.:D
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  2. Diff bearings replacement file-43.jpg file-44.jpg file-45.jpg file-46.jpg file-47.jpg file-48.jpg file-49.jpg file-50.jpg file-51.jpg
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  3. no magic here, but it does improve the weakest point of t2 transmissions (in several ways) especially if you go beyond stock power. Aluminum nosecone would be improvement too.
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  4. They don't seem very robust. Both of the nosecones on my CE boxes have the tell-tale circular cracks starting.
  5. there is a lot of axial force from helical gears hammering them every acceleration and deceleration (yet few here say that tired one will take 300hp, yeah right...) its only soft magnesium and its also pulled away by the front mount. On 091 boxes there is also added problem of the bearing cage being ripped out by the bearing support. thrust plate (when fitted properly) greatly minimize all that
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  6. automatic locker

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  7. and this is how it works:
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  8. It’s going to be a bit ‘clickety click’ around corners but I guess the oil will dampen the noise, and the Python exhaust isn’t exactly silent so I doubt if it will bother me.

    When you fit it can you post a pic of the 4-spider v the original diff.
  9. What's the reason for having this fitted?
  10. t shouldn't be too loud, wll do pics, np.
  11. locking differential, it locks automatically if one wheel loose traction but allows differential for turns - similar to limited slip dff.(but lsd wll tranfer 60ish % of power to the wheel that have traction and this will put 100% same as locking diff )
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  12. Yeah, I know what it does but why is it being fitted?
    What determines the necessity for using one in this particular application?:)
  13. Just because I can really, but I do have a big camber change and a tight turn getting out of the garage and one wheel always spins – yes I know it’s a pretty poor reason.:)
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  14. why not, get traction in the snow, sand or mud.
  15. Fiddle brakes might have been cheaper..
  16. Lol. It looks an interesting bit of kit especially if there's a bit of off road action.
    I just got lost for a few happy minutes in the Weddle website and the thread on the Samba of the guy who fitted one years ago.
    One of the comments was you get pushed through corners oddly at high speed with a powerful motor. That wouldn't be an issue in our T2 haha but I like the idea of being able to take the bus on the piste.

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