6 rib gearbox

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  1. Some shipping damage: hopefully shifter is not damaged. Some detectable mainshaft movement too - very usual at age those gearboxes are, and terminal if not repaired.

    IMG_20181210_131622.jpg IMG_20181210_131820.jpg IMG_20181210_133921.jpg IMG_20181210_133928.jpg IMG_20181210_133934.jpg IMG_20181210_132007.jpg IMG_20181210_132115.jpg
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  2. I thought it was going to be courier proof, obviously not, but hopefully there isn’t any serious damage. There was a brace across the top of the gearbox but that has been broken off and lost and the chock at the shifter end has broken away. I removed the clutch arm, spring and clutch shaft so that hasn’t disappeared.

    It wasn’t wrapped in plastic, it left here like this.

    IMG_5488 (Small).JPG IMG_5493 (Small).JPG
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  3. As far as I know it’s the original gearbox, never touched apart from oil changes, it’s done 205k kms.
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  4. In case anyone might be interested – the gearbox has gone to ‘nobody’ to be overhauled and a higher ratio 4th gear. I believe it has never been tampered with but the bus has had a least three engines, two 2.0l and one 1800. I’m building the forth engine, a 2,316cc type 4, and will fit it once the gearbox has been overhauled.
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  5. If it was sent by a French courier, I’d inspect it thoroughly for urine damage.
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  6. Just for the record it was sent by UPS, a multinational company with headquarters in the U.S.;)
  7. btw it was manufactured april 1977.
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  8. UPS France actually have a dedicated department, where all incoming packages are urinated on before being forwarded...
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  9. :rolleyes:
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  10. The bus was on the production line 22nd April '77.
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  11. so far hockey stick bent from being dropped / hit on the nose-cone some pitting on the intermediate housing nose-cone and main shaft bearing wear and shifter ball warn badly worn.

    IMG_20181217_160828.jpg IMG_20181217_160755.jpg IMG_20181217_160809.jpg IMG_20181217_160856.jpg
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  12. IMG_20190103_155207.jpg
    usual muddy mess IMG_20190103_155521.jpg
    the hockey stick is bent about 5mm - other one on top is not
    IMG_20190103_161238.jpg IMG_20190103_161305.jpg
    usual mess
    IMG_20190103_161512.jpg IMG_20190103_161939.jpg IMG_20190103_163532.jpg IMG_20190103_163745.jpg
    and more mess.
  13. Its a bit of a Monday transmission (even thought it was made on Thursday) one bolt holding the bell housing was missing and the pinion bearing was not seated correctly.
  14. Really? There were no missing bolts when I shipped it and according to the documentation, the box has never been opened so if the bearing was not seated correctly it’s been like it for more than 200k km.
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  15. yes I only noticed it when was taking it apart, it didnt fell out as there is no sign of the bolt being ever there: "virgin bolt hole" below clutch arm hole bolt.jpg
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  16. as for the bearing it was installed slightly off the correct position you can see marks left on the locking blocks.

    file-61.jpg file-62.jpg file-63.jpg

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  17. file-31.jpg file-33.jpg file-34.jpg file-36.jpg file-38.jpg
    0.82 4th gearset (upgrade from original 0.89)
    file-39.jpg file-40.jpg file-41.jpg file-42.jpg
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    Loving this thread already.

    Will you show us the whole strip down and rebuild process in pictures @nobody?
  19. interesting bits, yes

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