57 Split,,,,,,, Never Finished !!!

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    I just know that now someone is going to say"Ive got a box of them in me shed if only I knew you needed two!"
    Well if you have can you dig around and see if you can find a 52-57 centre brake light with the number plate light!!!, they may well be under a big pile of hens teeth!!!!
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  2. Cheaper than 550!!

    Maybe scene tax was a touch incorrect - rare like rocking horse shizzle then! :)
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    I like to think of it more as "ObScene Tax" !!
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    Cheers mate, me mate Arnie is a man of metal though, he deserves most of the credit!!
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    With the VAT around 3K for a shell depending on what you have done as I recall.Doors and tailgates ect extra.
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    Is it not in paint yet? Anyone would think you spent the weekend drinking beer in the sunshine ;)
  9. Wow , sounds a lot, but i bet it's worth it in the long run :thumbsup:
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    All quiet in the workshop today, no Mig wirring no tig buzzing a man at peace with his gas welding,, but this is always followed by the thrashing of panel beating hammers on metal!!![​IMG]
    Bye Bye nasty retro fitted indicators

    Old stock long panel down to bare metal[​IMG]

    Then painted

    Offered up, good fit[​IMG]

    Quite like the rusty finish[​IMG]
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  11. How does the new panel join along the top ?
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    The panel fits under the waist bulge and up against a stop, like a piece of unequal angle, you then spot weld it upwards under the waist bulge.
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    Hope so!!!!
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    In the words of Stalin "sometimes to create you must destroy!"
    Due to drilling the spot welds I took out er ribs so they can be repaired on the bench

    Was easier to fab the top rib as it was quicker than welding the old un[​IMG]

    N/S floor needed patching, in view of the pitting as well decided to replace the half[​IMG]
    Sardine tin method[​IMG]

    Sill Plasma'd out[​IMG]

    Pillars needed bottom repairs fabricating so we decided it would be better to remove them and do it on the bench, gives good access to sill and floor as an added benefit[​IMG]
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  15. Nice bus, I feel your pain on the colour choice Palm green sand green is such an awesome colour combination.
    With the front floor is that an early one or are you going to modify it? I need one for my 58 in the long future.
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    The only difference between the late and early floor is the position of the hand brake and gear lever, the gear lever is on a raised panel on the late and the pressing leans towards the driver, theres enough on the original to copy, position and pressing wise,
    the short answer is mod it!
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    Door gap adjusted before the long side is refitted hopefully tomorrow![​IMG]

    Long sill and the drivers side floor half in today[​IMG][​IMG]

    Gave engine a bit of attention, hopefully tin and manifold will be pained in the morning[​IMG]
  18. Is that a light saber? Looking good!

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