57 Split,,,,,,, Never Finished !!!

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by PIE, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. ^ well deserved :D
  2. PIE


    To give it a bit more of a vintage look I gave it a pool que leg even though it dont really need one IMG_3517.jpg
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    After Busfest she started jumping out of 4th, now I know its easier to buy a nut to nut, but, you never know the history so I pulled the engine and box, you have to strip the reduction boxes as well, its now in 100 pieces on the garage floor along with the tank(which was full} so I could scrap the repro sender replace it with a VDO one. While the engine was out its had new pushrods and crank seals, Im looking foreward to tomorrow, should get it all together and done if I can cut out enough gaskets out of sheet to space the axle tubes.
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    Well that didnt go acording to plan, put one side together, seemed OK, when I did the other side there was about 10mm of endplay the first side didnt have, took the other side apart and found the fulcrum plate had slid around the end a bit, it was really hard to do, if the second side had done the same, and there was every chance, IMG_4288.jpg IMG_4291.jpg god knows what would have happerned if I had driven it, anyway all good now but it means I have a couple of hours today bleeding the brakes and fitting the engine, fingers crossed for the test drive.


  5. wow you've been busy this morning. I've not finished my breakfast yet!
  6. PIE


    Yesterday I finished it off, I started it up to a loud banging and clattering and shouts of turn it off, turn it off,I jumped out and said to me mate, was it the engine or the box, at this point I notice the hammer behind his leg, he had only been hitting the brake drum!!! anyway all was good on the test drive and she is all together again,,,
    Managed to sort out me long standing weak hand brake issue, the after market spreader bar was too short so I welded up the slot so it was not so deep, took out all the rattle and cured the problem.

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