555 miles in a day

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    Ok so I know it was in a T25 westy california 1.6td with 5 speed gearbox but it’s still a hell of a long way and 14 hours behind the wheel as it only does 60 flat out so you’re mixing it with the lorries and it’s a hightop so your constantly buffeted about and it’s a Left hooker so the wife won’t drive it !

    The story, set off to LeMans last Thursday . The lad was going anyway on his motorcycle, sensible boy had booked a package with Speed Chills, from here in Cheshire the best way down to Portsmouth and overnight ferry to Caen,
    [​IMG][​IMG], so off he went on Wednesday.
    Knowing that I really wanted to go with him my wife suggested we both go in the camper but being a bit tight insisted we should go via the Chunnel as it was cheaper even taking into account the extra fuel.
    Wednesday evening I’m packing the bus and swapping vehicles round on the drive ready for 6am start Thursday morning when I notice a small puddle in the road from under the engine , stuff out engine lid off and what seemed like a loose water hose adjusted and leak appeared to be stopped! wifey looking out of the window at this point with that concerned expression they reserve for such occasions . All sorted I say , no problem , move on to 7am Thursday morning and we’re in Stafford services with the boot open and water all over the floor , touched the hose again and the last 2cm just split off, no matter, tools out reattach shortened pipe with another hose clip top up water and we’re off again.
    Horrible journey, M6,M1,M25,M20 seemed like one constant line of hold ups and roadworks, hate this country
    Arrived for the Chunnel just about on time around 1pm[​IMG]
    Sort of enjoyed the crossing, it’s an interesting prospect , managed 20 mins kip, miles so far 261.

    No great rush to be at LeMans on Friday so decided to overnight stop at an aire near Rouen roughly halfway on Thursday night, chose Mailleraye-sur-Seine a small barriered aire for motorhomes only on the banks of the Seine, €6 a night facilities in the village.
    Lovely spot on the river, just make sure your handbrake works mileage in France so far 150 miles.
    Friday morning ambled on down to LeMans avoiding the tolls through lovely familiar villages, and the town of Allencon often overtaken by groups of brits in fast cars, really starts to build the atmosphere.
    Arrived at the circuit around mid day, another 133 miles, I’ve been enough to know my way round the city now and to ignore signs for the circuit and various colour camping zones, instead follow the aerodrome which brings you straight to the main entrance and just down from the campsite we were on, Beausejour on the inside of the track.
    Never camped here before but looking at the map saw that if you followed it right through you end up in the woods right next to the circuit between Arnage and the Porsche curves.
    Great place to set up, walked over to the pit lane to meet Alex for Friday afternoon pit walk
    Saturday morning wake up at 9am to the distant whine of cars hitting top C on the Mulsanne followed a minute later by the thunder of cars passing 50 feet away at 200 mph , first practice then various support races through the morning.
    Got ourselves to our preferred start viewing spot just over the hill after the Dunlop bridge before terte rouge, sun blazing beers in hand
    3pm were off, 24hrs of noise, radio LeMans on the headset is a must to keep abreast of what’s going on, they do a superb broadcast throughout the race , it really would be difficult to know what’s happening without it.
    Watch a few hours , have a wander through the village and behind the pits, go back to camp for food, watch some night time racing which is truly amazing seeing the cars carry on at full chat in pitch dark with the lights, go in the night to the tribunes and watch some pit action, get some sleep, wake up at 9 and think there’s still the equivalent of 3 Grand Prix to go!
    Toyota win , no surprise there . Get onto the track after the race to walk to the pit to see the podium with 200,000 other people , [​IMG]
    Sunday evening off to Arnage village for customary meal and atmosphere, feels wierd now it’s gone quiet!
    Monday morning, pack up and set off via Alex’s campsite to take some stuff for him, he’s taking night ferry from Caen sensible lad.
    We are heading up to Calais for 7pm Chunnel crossing, 283 miles in France on lovely rural route , no roadworks , little traffic , pleasure apart from the distance. Back to Blighty clocks back still 7pm, M20 godawful road surface , M25 busy and setting sun in my eyes, M40 all ok, M6 mostly roadworks & closed at jnct 15 , deviate onto A500 then finally home at 12.30am Tuesday, 272 miles in England , 14 hours behind the wheel , 550 miles, .
    Good weekend
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  2. Tres-bleedin-bon!!! Looks great :thumbsup:
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  3. Yus m20 wrecked by lorry’s we have to use it a lot ,yr soo lucky , still come brexit it will be a carpark :D have a good one looks gd and weather :thumbsup:
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  4. Great adventure - thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

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  5. Come Brexit I hope the European lorries will start having to pay a road tax on entry and display a tax disc!!- as they do in Switzerland
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    Good run Dunc :thumbsup:
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  7. Great story:thumbsup: I went to Le Mans a few times in the '80s and suddenly realised the other day next year is the 30th anniversary of my last visit!
    It really is time I went back:thinking:
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  8. I’ve always thought this , typical eu rip us off and want freebies here , plus they dodge the bridge tolls and speeding fines and fill our lay-bys :rolleyes:
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  9. Awesome adventures!
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  10. is'nt it lovely opening your door straight into nature...:cool:
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  11. Your shed is the same colour as my summerhouse!
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  12. Nice one Dunc

    I enjoyed reading that

    Diesel power !
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    It’s a popular colour for wooden buildings
  14. That’s one trip I would love to do in the next few years. I was there 20 years ago at a friends wedding they live just outside Le Mans in a small village. We could hear the cars going around but couldn’t get to see them. Her parents built their own chateau and used to house the jaguar bosses when they raced.
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  15. And I thought mine was unique!

    Ah well . . .
  16. Great trip, looks like you had an excellent time. It’s a long way back in a day - did Le Mans 24hr in 07 with a bunch of mates, camped with speed chills had a top time!
    We were in France last summer so did a 125 mile detour to take in the museum and took the obligatory picture of the better half & the bus. F7186336-6900-40D8-B58F-F0FA39A4A3E8.jpeg
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  17. It is amazing how easy you can chew the miles up over in France. I think I only had one traffic jam. I remember leaving Birmingham in the early hours and ending up 100 miles south of Nantes in the late evening - about 650 miles.
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  18. Yeah really like driving over there, large country, well surfaced roads, far less traffic than here & the general standard of driving is much better than in the uk. With the exception of Paris however think that goes for just about any large city!

    Our bus being a lefty also helps. We’re going back for a couple of weeks touring this August - really looking forward to it

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