3rd and 4th gears

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by bootsam, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Round the streets and houses doin 30mph, 3rd gear is fine on my bus. The 4th seems too tall and the bus wont pull it. Its fine at 40+, 4th works well. Is this normal?

    btw i'm still a bus virgin of some 3mnths or so.
  2. Yes. 3rd is great for around town. The engine likes some revs - more revs = less work and more cooling. It sounds loud because it's air cooled. 4th at 30 is lugging the engine and won't accelerate well.
  3. I agree with zed

    You cant drive these like a modern car
    Keep the revs up but dont rev the knackers off them
  4. Thanks Zed and Para. I just wanted to make sure this was ok and not an indication of a problem. Youve set my mind at ease on this thnx. :)

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