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  1. A few on here have sprayed their own vans with 2K. Most recently, @JamesLey did an amazing job on Iris.

    I am in two minds as to whether to pay a local body shop for a quick blow over, or to invest in the air fed mask etc and do it myself and then sell the gear on.

    Could people with experience recommend some equipment so I can work out costs for a suitable setup please? I have use of a 100l compressor so mask and gun should be all I require.
  2. I got a full face mask that takes the proper filters but the filters are expensive and once opened half a short life.
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    With guns, you tend to find that the decent pro ones need a decent compressor to keep up with them, so with your 100l pump, you will be a bit limited. That said, Devilbiss (or i suspect, some chinese factory using the name..) do actually do a cheapy gun for about £60 that will work ok with a home compressor. They do a surprisingly respectable job for the money, but do give off a fair bit of overspray.


    Well worth considering. :thumbsup:
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  4. I got an air fed mask and devilbis paint gun (I thought as I’m saving good money from a professional I’ll spend good money on the tools).

    I used two small portable compresses to feed the mask and gun. The mask seemed more demanding than the gun so I put the slightly bigger compressor on that.

    They seemed to do just fine for me

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  5. Thanks everyone. Much appreciated. Will have a look at the non air fed masks as if they are relatively safe/effective then that will save me getting another compressor.
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  7. Actually the link i put in was to the 610 model, which is a bit cheaper
  8. If you buy the gear to spray it yourself, not only take the guns apart to clean them but check them as some of the holes in the nozzles where blocked with metal bits and needed clearing.
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  9. I bought an airfed mask which I ran from my 200L compressor (I didn’t fancy having to drag two hoses round from two smaller compressors). The mask I got was one of the Anest Iwata masks, think I paid about £150 on eBay.
    Personally I’d feel a little nervous using a filter mask even if it is supposed to be suitable for Isocyanates.

    Gun wise I used a Devilbiss gti pro which works a treat.

    Try and get a bit of fume extraction going where you end up spraying. I borrowed a big industrial fan from one of the fellas down the yard which made a good job of keeping the fumes down a little.

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    Do you not need to be filtering the stuff as it exits the spray area too, assuming it’s the solvent based 2k?
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  11. Pro booths do yes. Most likely not achievable for amateur jobs.

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  12. This thread brings out some very deep envy in me. My van lives on the street and i have nowhere i could spray it even if i felt i had the skills and equipment (i have neither)
    Maybe one day...
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