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  1. IMG_0372.JPG Toyota and Alonzo are on pole..



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  2. IMG_0355.JPG

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    I'm glad that Porsche have resurrected the Pink Pig colour scheme for this year.

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  4. Their going well..
    gonna be a Porsche weekend,:thumbsup:

    But Toyota need to win ...or they may not return next year...:eek:
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    I think they'll be back, they not only want to equal Mazda with a win but at least go one better.
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  6. I forgot all abut quali last and night and missed it. 5 of my mates went over on tuesday, unfortunately work got in the way for me.
  7. I'd heard that @Poptop2 was doing Le Mans this year in his Woodlander...
  8. I've got the busiest TV weekend ever..:chewie:

    Moto GP..Barcelona
    BSB. .... snetterton
    Le mans ..we will be up half the night..:)

    And an American car show to attend on Sunday...
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  9. Don’t forget all the stuff on the “private” channel ;)...
  10. Is that football..?
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  11. I believe balls are involved...
  12. Before quali I watched a superb documentary on iplayer. It’s called Tuesday documentaries. 24 hours of Le Mans. Filmed in 1982. Well retro! Really funny in places.
    Worth a watch and will put you in the mood for 3pm Saturday!

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  13. I’ve been a couple of times. I’d love to go back. What a great weekend.
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  14. The crazy thing about this year is that the private LMP1 cars aren't allowed to drive faster than the team LMP1 cars....if they do they get penalised, it's a race FFS.
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  15. Oh dear ...
    Another nail in the coffin of true , competitive racing - Why ??
    Money talking yet again .
    Stinks !

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  16. All set up for a Toyota win, I'm sure they'll do their best to fail...
  17. Looking forward to the Moto GP as well. Best racing on TV.
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