FOR SALE 2,950 HP Engine

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  1. Fish

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    Fairy Gannet Rolls Royce Double Mamba engine and box. Counter rotational twin prop driven by a twin jet.
    Classed as an Engine Change Unit its now out of date as been bagged for too long under new CAA rules.
    Ideal mancave item or snow blower / paint stripper. Wont bolt straight in and needs more than 4 bolts! Intake manifolds damaged and will need bora-scoping to check for rats!
    Located near Shuttleworth
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  2. Terrordales

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    I have been informed that I neither need or want this.
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  3. Which oil???
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  4. That would deffo fit in place of a R&R bed - exhaust out the hatch window
  5. If @pkrboo sees this it will be his next engine upgrade lol
  6. Would it bolt to my transmission .? With an adapter plate.
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