1979 RHD Tintop

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  1. Located just outside Norwich.

    For sale is our VW camper. We've owned it for 3 years now and the time has come to sell her as it just isn't being used any more.

    Much has been spent on this van in our ownership. Last year it had new sills down one side, inner, outer and middle along with out riggers and jacking points down the same side, the rear cross member was also replaced at this time.

    For the current mot, the fuel lines were replaced along with the front brake pads.

    Under my ownership I fitted the full width bed and the vinyl floor.

    Split charge system

    Leisure battery

    Solar panel

    Hammock that goes over the front seats.

    The van has been lowered a little.

    The front has a Type 2 detectives adjustable front beam.

    If you have any questions please ask.

    This is a very solid van and comes with a years MoT.


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    Could do with a location please. I’m guessing somewhere up north.
  3. Oops! Just outside Norwich

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  4. Now £9250 ono

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  5. £8500
    Bargain at this price.
    Lovely van

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