1979 Bay overhaul/ resto

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Barry, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. I made the decision to blend into the old paint and got a paint company to match the current colour. They mixed up a few rattle cans and I then cracked on with it. Photos to follow.
  2. I think it came out OK. Not amazing but good enough to keep it looking smart
  3. Flakey

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    You've been very lucky then welding in the rear corners with a petrol leak :eek:, I'd get the engine and petrol tank out pronto!
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  4. Don't worry I fixed the petrol leak before any welding happened. Once I seen the leak I immediately fixed the problem.
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  5. Looks tidy enough that Barry
    At least it's solid now
  6. That rear corner looks superb! Hope you cracked open a beer after that.
  7. I was pleased with the paint match, but there are so many other jobs that need doing that a "pat on the back" beer will have to wait until I can actually get it back on the road.
  8. Just a question to everyone - I now have the fuel tank out and will be replacing the fuel hoses. Has anyone got a recommended supplier of good quality fuel hose that can handle modern petrol?
  9. You just opened a right can of worm here asking that question ....I hope you have a few hours to sort out a final best answer .then let us all know .it's seems to be a subject with many a solution but none defined as the best solution
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  11. Thanks - recommendations from you guys are better than anything advertised on the net.
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  12. Will be replacing my lines in all metal up to last connection to carb so easy to replace when needed. Say will be not got tank out yet!
    Any reason why not to use metal?

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  13. Only on some subjects..:)
  14. And only from some guys. :)
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  15. I guess the reason for not too much metal is the movement of the engine relative to the fixed tank in the body. But as long as there is enough rubber in the system then it should be ok.
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  16. The retro is still ongoing. Plenty of progress made over the past 12 months that I will update with photos soon.
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  17. tidy bit of welding
  18. So as an update, I decided to remove the fuel tank as the tank pipe outlet had seen better days. Obviously this requires the engine removal to access. My introduction to "how the classic VW camper works" has officially started!
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  19. As you can see its to short to be safe tank outlet.jpg

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