FOR SALE 1978 Westfalia Berlin Weekender T2 2.0l F.I

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    Restoration thread here

    Imported from Nevada so an exceptionally dry bus. I registered it in the UK where it has been stored in either secure underground parking or more recently in my garage. It really is immaculate and like new inside.

    Its had a newly rebuilt engine installed from thats done less than done less than 1500 miles since being installed (will get exact figures this weekend). The auto gearbox has been completely rebuilt by in huddersfield (same time as the engine so the same mileage)

    I wanted to keep the vehicle as "original" as possible so most of the van is either stock or restored back to stock.

    Things I have done;
    restored cab seats back to replica original Westy plaid, horsehair pads, sisal and wadding.
    replacement cab mats - removed the crap foam that they come with and replaced with CCF to protect from water ingress.
    Replaced the speedo backlights with dimmable LEDs.
    restored back to original the pneumatic washer wiper system - (will include hand pump ;->)
    New Rubber matts, kick panels and dash glove box.
    Retro Sound Dual coil stereo dash speaker fitter and a retro looking radio system to be fitted this weekend.
    New headliner throughout.
    Sound control Sound proofing/ CCF with foil coating thermo-insulation and waterproof membrane layer throughout.
    Had new lined-curtains made based on the old original ones I supplied to the seamstress.
    New carpet as close a match as I could find to the original.
    All cabinets have been re-laminated and new edging installed.
    US Hook up replaced with UK hook up - No leisure battery system just straight through to 240V outlets and USB.(Its a Berlin weekender dont forget)
    Restored both louvre windows (new seals, wire wooling & new fly netting) <- got tennis elbow doing this!
    New ball joints, cv boots, brakes.
    Injectors professionally cleaned and serviced. (Spare set of injectors included - as well as almost a full spare FI system)
    New spray job to freshen it up after being baked in the sun for 30 years.
    A full Alan Schofield premium seal kit throughout.
    replacement stickers installed in the correct locations as new (i think)
    Also includes the official birth certificate documentation info I requested from VW auto museum.
    Lights are UK spec.

    There are a few things that need doing (but not necessary)
    Being from California, the heat exchangers were disconnected. Ive tested the levers underneath and they are in good working order with no seized cables or flaps.. I will include the new cable connectors you need to hook it all back up, otherwise a full original system in place if you want it.

    The tailgate lock does not work. I have a full spare that I will include or just have the waffers rebuilt. The van has had very little use outdoors so its never been a priority.

    The canvas is currently incorrect - I have the appropriate nice bright yellow one to replace as soon as the weather gets better / I sell the van / you can do it yourself.

    The MOT is due March but I will supply the van with a full 12 months MOT before it leaves.

    Based in Manchester - £20k ONO
    I always wanted to drive to the church in a VW and after a few years thats exactly what I did! The wedding date wasn't planned around when I would finished restoring..honest..just don't mention it if you come to view and the wife is there.

    P.s I WILL be taking more pictures shortly. If you have any requests let me know.
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  2. Hi, is the westy still for sale?
    Regards, Gregor
  3. Hey yes sorry this is still for sale.

    The weather has been shocking so havent really had chance to take the pictures just yet. I have however installed the new yellow canvas which looks ACE. I will get some more photos up soon.
  4. Just caught u[ and seen your restoration link. Wow - what a great job you did. There will be one lucky new owner! Good luck!!

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