FOR SALE 1978 LHD camper rolling project *£6500*

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  1. £6500. Located in Cornwall.
    She runs sweet as. No mechanical issues known.
    2.0 GI code.
    Solid underneath.
    Rnr bed, no cushions.
    No interior to speak of.
    New headlights and loom.
    Fire extinguisher in engine bay.

    Bad points -

    Front seats need work, you can sit on them safe enough, but comfy they are not. They are ripped.

    Roof is leak free but has a small rust streak where the paint has cracked in 2 places.

    I will post more pics later when I can find them!

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    Don't forget price and location too :thumbsup:
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  4. Still available?

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  5. Any other pics available?
  6. This is her current condition. Our last camp at the CVWOC Jamboree and when we got home.

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