1976 (tax free) twin slider panel van

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  1. Owned for about 7 years
    9 months mot no advisories
    Located in Portsmouth
    LHD auto
    Just done 650 mile round trip to Cornwall and didn't miss a beat. Runs spot on. Only selling due to needing the space and a daily drive. Couple of patches in front arch a couple of filler cracks top rear ns quarter (windows cut in at some point but filled in with steel)
    Cu code engine (hydrolic tappets)
    Spares can be nagotiated in price which include rhd Oz import panel van sliding door 15 inch banded merc steels fammia bike rack twin carbs + more
    List of some parts that have been replaced. Hard to list all but you get the idea
    Any questions just ask
    Body Panels
    Inner sills L/R
    Outer Sills L/R
    Rear corners L/R
    Jacking points front L/R
    Jacking points rear L/R
    Top hat sections
    Rear wheel arch Left
    Battery trays L/R
    Splash pans front L/R
    Splash pans rear L/R
    Complete front arches L/R
    Sliding door track covers
    Sliding door off side
    paint inside/underside/outside/ rollered
    Complete handle and lock set 1 key fits all
    front indicators and rear light clusters
    headlight rims
    Windscreen wipers and all seals/ jets/pipes and electric pump
    windscreen seal
    tail gate window seal
    tail gate seal
    engine lid seal
    cab door refurb kit rubber seal/scrapers/felt chanels and so on L/R
    Quarter light window frames and glass
    wing mirrors L/R
    all new brake lines and associated parts
    pads L/R and discs
    Shoes L/R
    back plates front and rear L/R
    Heating and Exhaust
    exhaust vintage speed
    heat exchangers
    heating pipes
    cables and associated parts
    heat tubes and pods
    electric fuel pump/regulator/fuel pump relay new fuel line/filler neck and petrol cap
    electric ignition/dizzy/leads/coil/plugs
    battery / leisure battery plus split charge set up
    baby moon hub caps
    Starter motor
    mild lowering
    front shocks t2d
    internal panels roof/sides/doors and floor
    rear bench seat/rock and roll bed
    lighting in rear
    cab carpet/arch carpet/sound deadening
    all door handles/pulls
    kenwood head unit and 6x9 speakers
    rear upholstery
    £9000 or make me an offer

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  2. Few more [​IMG]

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  3. A[​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. B[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. £9000 or make me an offer

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  6. Loads of receipts
    Servo assisted brakes
    Any advisory it's had since Iv owned it gets sorted straight after mot last advisory was 2 years ago which was ball joint rubbers so had ball joints and associated parts replaced by @davidoft
    Not perfect or show winner but solid and reliable and a little different from the norm

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  7. C[​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. This van has not been prepped for sale (as in gone round and tried to cover or hide anything before sale) as I only decided to put it up for sale last week. So it's had a wash and a clean inside that is all.

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  9. Now on ebay with reserve lower than the price stated on here thanks

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