FOR SALE 1974 TinTop RHD

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  1. The time has come, MrGrey needs a new home

    1974 RHD TinTop, South African Import ( we have owned the van since it arrived in the UK in 2011 )

    1800cc Twin 40’s, all the usual mods. All hoses, breathers etc replaced

    Solid and sound all original chassis, no welding, no replacement bits. WaxOiled annually, garaged for last 5 years.

    Body is all original except rubbers. These were done during the respray in 2012. There is some blistering and some of the paintwork needs a bit of attention.

    Interior - Campershak R&R bed, 2 ring cooker and grill, sink, 240/12v fridge, new leisure battery, splitcharger, RetroSounds Stereo, 240 hook-up.

    Lowered 4”. New Tyres, some spare bits and bobs.

    Generally a good solid honest van with a few minor finishing off/touch up jobs, but nothing that would freak out a TLBer.

    Price £14500 ono

    Any questions either ask them here or pm me. Viewing very welcome.

    Location - a small village not far from Salisbury
    (This van is certified Novichok free)

    P.s I’ve done something to my photobucket account so the photos on my old threads have vanished. But I can send them out if you want to see the original condition of the van.

    4D6FD186-6508-4F39-BF7C-29E01746B91A.jpeg 5E698439-4925-4D3C-A87D-91A11542A7F2.jpeg 1D2E67D0-62D2-483A-ACDA-D3185A0C2A52.jpeg F2817B0A-97F4-45E9-8797-A3DC53BC25DE.jpeg 63159028-34B6-4A93-864A-CEEEB60F3FAC.jpeg FFE243D7-894A-4EDA-98AC-DFA81953BF8D.jpeg 0F005BAE-A7A1-4127-8C29-3ADB6FB1A839.jpeg CFC73721-53A5-4700-9D9E-297EEB63B606.jpeg 33CF3680-73F3-40EA-89F9-1AB3DBCB9326.jpeg
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  2. :D:D
    Cool bus. GLWS
  3. Cheers

    Also I forgot to mention that if a TLBer buys our van they will get, absolutely FREE. A very rare, highly desirable, high quality


    This offer is not available to non forum peeps
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  4. A couple of random pictures


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  5. Before and during respray pics

    50B1983D-A8B9-44A4-B8A2-621E95E737AB.jpeg AA99FEC5-8D6D-4DAF-9188-262152AFA03C.jpeg
    D3D0B2E7-8FD3-4BD5-B5AF-BCC3D3AE5F30.jpeg F97ED3EA-5021-4E82-962F-6FC9369E3F23.jpeg
    30645AAF-5987-43FC-987D-3322589E737E.jpeg 424D766B-9AB5-4C7F-AAEF-78400B739C73.jpeg

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