FOR SALE 1973 Westfalia, The "FLAGBUS".

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  1. Originally ordered for the American market , but was collected from the factory in Germany by the 1st owner in 1973. It was used to travel around Europe for a time before being taken back to it's home in the U.S.A .
    Here it lived, mostly in Arizona up until 2009 when it was shipped over to England and sold . Once in the U.K. the new owner re-commissioned the bay ,overhauling all the braking system and suspension together with the Engine , auxiliaries and fuel system .
    At this point the owner having 3 young children decided to paint the bay in Flags , each panel or section displaying a country in which the vehicle had visited in it's lifetime . So the original paint was flatted off and the vehicle painted , the underside was also fully painted at this time. During this process they were one flag short ! so they decided to paint this panel in the country of their nanny as a jesture of appreciation . (PERU) !
    From that day the "FLAGBUS " was created.
    This was used for family holidays in Great Britain and Europe until the winter of 2015 .The children had grown up and the family were due to emigrate abroad so it was advertised for sale. I duly purchased the Flagbus within days of it being advertised and during my years of ownership I have improved and carried out the following :-

    1. New seat covers throughout with new foam , 100% tartan wool inserts to the seating , including cup and mobile phones slots .

    2. HS2000 Propex heating kit.

    3. CSP Gear shifter.

    4. 170 amp split charge leisure battery.

    5. Genuine front cab floor mat.

    6. Waeco CRX50 Fridge/Freezer.

    7. 17" Retro Beetle allot wheels ( studs and spacers )

    8. New rear flooring and curtains.

    This bay also benefits from the following ,
    CD/Stereo player with front & rear speakers.
    Working sink and fresh water tank ( underslung waste water container ).
    Westfalia Tow bar & Electrics.
    Fire suppression system fitted in engine compartment.
    Original 5 berth bed attachment to front cab.

    I have every service item and maintenance receipt from 2009 , every MOT from 2010 I have several licensing certificates from Washington state and license plates.
    This bay has NEVER been welded or had any body repairs , totally original but does have the odd age related marks here or there !
    NO Rust or Rot. Starts every time ,honestly has only done 3000 miles in the last 4 yrs.
    Regrettable sale , always garaged in bone dry ,ventilated cavity insulated garage.
    Price , well I see people advertising buses for up to 25k and they have visible issues . No issues here !

    Offers around £ 15,000 . sensibly priced for a genuine bay.

    Located in Lancashire.

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  2. More photo's. (many more available )

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  3. Looks ace. We’re you not tempted to squeeze another £5k on the price? £15k looks a great buy to me.....and if we were in the market for another Bay.....:thinking:

    No, don’t tempt me :D. GLWS though I suspect you won’t need luck to sell that beaut.
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  4. What an amazing looking bus. Looks like the Union Jack was designed to be put on the front panel of a bay.
    15k is good value. Good luck with the sale.
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  5. I remember seeing it in a French service station just after I had broken down.
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  6. Good luck with the sale.

    Looks a good bus.

    Not sure many people out there are looking for buses at the moment?
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  7. It is a good bus, it got further through France than mine did.
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  8. Putting another 5k on the price would be easily justified , it is an absolute cracker of a bus ! But i'm not greedy and hope the person who eventually purchases , appreciates and looks after it as I have .:thumbsup:
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  9. Good luck with your sale Graham - love your bus - but can't see anyone being able to buy at the moment though.
    We had thought about selling ours this year as we don't use it enough - but this could all change with the current situation.
  10. The current situation is what it is ! we're all in the same boat . But time will pass , and hopefully we will all come out of this and move forward.
    As some of you will know I don't really want to sell the Westy , but i'll still have the Crewcab .
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  11. Moons

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    It’s a proper icon I think.

    Certainly the most memorable bay on the scene in my opinion, I hope whoever buys it keeps it with that paint scheme!
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