1973 Devon VW Bay Window Volkswagen Campervan - Restoration Project

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  1. 1973 Bay Window Camper -
    Restoration Project

    Up for grabs is my 1973 'Devon' Bay Window Camper.
    I have had the van 3 years and in that time started to restore it. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time it deserves to get it finished.
    Since having the van I've amassed a large number of panels ready to be let in. These include -
    • Custom early front panel, assembled by Alan Schofields
    • Genuine VW N/S complete rear corner
    • O/S lower rear corner
    • Battery tray
    • Sliding door repair
    • Inner, middle and outer sill O/S
    • Cargo floor repair panel
    • O/S rear arch
    • Front arch wheel tubs and outer arches (body cut, but need a bit of love as they were bought and not as good as advertised
    • Rear roof third bodycut
    • Lots of chassis rail metal, removed from a doner vehicle
    • Lower front valance
    • Outer rear valance
    • Early rear bumper (needs a buckle dressing out)
    • Belly pans (both sides)
    • Inner arch repair panel (the bit with the bulge)
    • & probably more but I can't remember it all!
    The van still needs a fair amount of welding. It's a typical bottom 8" repair van. The floor supports have been repaired not replaced, but the jacking points and outriggers on the O/S are all brand new and replaced with good quality repro (Autocraft) or Genuine VW metal.
    The chassis rails are solid, with some repairs carried out. However the very rear parts of the chassis rail need replacing. I have the metalwork for these, it just needs cutting to size and letting in.
    It still needs work to the front arches & tubs, front panel, lower valance, very front of the chassis rails, rear part of the chassis rails, cab floor, cargo floor, rear corners, battery tray, D pillars and roof. The N/S underneath looks good, with only the front outrigger and jacking point needing replacement, I've been removing bits and pieces to uncover the areas in need of work.
    No engine is with the van, but driveshafts, gearbox are. As well as a brand new steering wheel, sun visors, grab handles, engine tinware (front and rear tin which seems quite rare).
    All the windows are present, 5 good wheels & tyres are also included and 1 seat!
    Cooker, sink, and cabinets are included also, however these have been flattened down and stored in the roof of the garage. Perfect for templating and making a brand new one.
    I've tried to be as honest as I can, this is still a hell of a project, but to the right person it'll probably be a doddle. I just wish I could put the time into it that it deserves. Worth noting the van qualifies for MOT exemption & is also tax exempt.
    It's currently sat on a rollover jig, so not rolling, but I'll get it bolted back together and rolling this week.

    Ideally looking for around £2750, but any sensible offer is accepted!

    Located in Worthing, West Sussex.


    PS the main picture is when I first got the van, the front panel & deformation panel have since been removed, as have glass & doors etc.

    IMG_8222.JPG IMG_1292.JPG complete.jpeg
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