FOR SALE 1973 Devon Late Bay Automatic with Porsche engine

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  1. Volkswagen Type 2 van (Devon Camper)

    I reluctantly have for sale my 1973 VW type 2 van project. I can no longer afford to continue the project and need to sell.

    This is a Devon camper with an expanding roof, but interestingly it has the engine from a Porsche 914 and a 3-speed auto gearbox.

    I have lots of repair manuals and documents about VW campers as well as the Haynes manual and the certificate of authenticity from the Volkswagen Museum.

    I have the V5 and previous MOT’s, plus some Tax discs. Van is currently SORN and will need to be towed or trailered away.


    Mechanically the van is 95% completed including:

    VW/Porsche 914 engine – 1700cc rebuilt, but will need tuning once installed. This also includes all new heat exchangers and associated pipework. You will need a new exhaust pipe.

    3-speed auto gearbox - again rebuilt and ready to use (although there is a small leak from the pan).

    Front suspension – rebuilt, repainted and installed along with new shocks, all rubber parts, brakes as well as a lowering kit installed. The van has been dropped slightly at the front.

    Brake system – all calipers, drum brakes, master cylinder, etc., repaired/restored or replaced where necessary. I also have all new brake lines ready to be fitted.

    Fuel system - all restored/replaced/repaired and ready to fit (including a new electric fuel pump and pipework).

    Steering wheel and associated – all restored/replaced/repaired and ready to fit.

    Gear change – all restored/replaced/repaired and ready to fit.

    Dashboard and associated – all restored/replaced/repaired and ready to fit.

    Also included are 2x Porsche 944 seats that I’ve recovered in Porsche Greige

    So what needs doing….

    Rear suspension – this needs to be stripped cleaned and refurbished, but is not a big job in itself. The intention was to drop the suspension a spline to keep it in line with the front drop.

    Roof – refurbished, but not rebuilt. All parts (excluding the necessary rubber parts) are included.

    None of the interior cabinets survived, so you’ll need new one’s – very much personal taste as to how you want the van to look and work for you. You’ll also need to buy a set of door cards and interior panels.

    Chassis & body

    As with many vans of this age, the bottom 6 inches is in need of repair. I have had the work evaluated and have a list of parts needed to complete the repairs. These include…

    seat belt mount repair panel n/s

    seat belt mount repair panel o/s

    front arch, complete n/s

    front arch, complete o/s

    b post repair panel (tub) n/s

    b post repair panel (tub) o/s

    b post outer skin n/s

    b post outer skin o/s

    n/s/f/ jacking point

    a post lower panel n/s

    a post lower panel o/s

    o/s sill

    track cover x2

    battery tray n/s

    battery tray o/s

    rear corner n/s

    rear corner o/s

    rear valance inner

    rear valance outer

    complete cab floor

    I do have some of the panels, but not all of them.

    The front driver and passenger doors along with the rear hatch and engine hatch have been replaced with good used parts. The sliding door will need its bottom edge and panel repairing and I have the frame part ready for this (just needs to lower skin to complete).

    I can also include a spare set of dash clocks as well as the kitchen sink, cooker and bunk beds that were originally fitted.

    Happy to provide further photos on request.

    Considering what VW vans are worth in a finished state, I’m looking for around £6K - £6.5K for the lot.

    I’ve tried to be as honest as possible and see this as a solid project for someone with the time, energy and finances to complete.

    If interested contact me via IM or on my mobile 07796171114 IMG_0001 (2).png
  2. Sounds like a good deal for what has been done ...should sell pretty fast ...good luck .
  3. Is it.....

    Just four bolts ...:D
  4. Hi - can you give me the engine no.?
    Was this engine really just the 1.7l type 4 with feul injection & do you have any history?
  5. The engine number is EA063194. No history I'm afraid, but it is a 1.7L with twin carbs (my feeling is it was originally a carbed engine, but now has the airbox and fittings from the original bus engine). When I bought it, it was in a proper state with most of the engine vacuum pipework missing and have spent a long time working out exactly what was needed and how it all fits together.
  6. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    EA engines are either VW Type 4 or Porsche 914
  7. The 914 one will have dipstick on top where as the 411 /412 will be same as bus .
    Engine has probably been rebuilt some time in its life so it could really be anything .
    An original carbed engine will have provision for the mech fuel pump ,FI not
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  8. OK, thanks for the feedback. So it does have the dipstick on top, but has no provision for a mechanical fuel pump, so assuming it is a 914 engine. I do have an electric fuel pump, filter and fitting kit ready to installed as part of the sale.
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