FOR SALE 1973 Devon Caravette - excellent condition very original

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  1. Hi all,

    I am considering selling my 1973 Devon Caravette.

    I recently sold my splittie, and bought this bus as I knew someone was selling it. Unfortunately, I regret selling my splittie, so am thinking about buying another which means Dibley has to go!

    So, here goes..

    Like I say, a 1973 Devon Caravette tin top in Niagra Blue and Pastel White.

    Just 4 owners before me - the last one had it for 15 years.

    It was originally owned by a vicar, hence the name, Dibley!

    The previous owner had some bodywork done and a respray from the gutter down a couple of years ago - he left the roof and gutters for originality - gutters are all solid.

    Original Devon Caravette interior, which consists of two 3/4 seats which face each other around a table - you can turn the front seat around so they all face the same way, like a minbus.

    There is a side unit consisting of the sink & cooker/grill, and a rear side cupboard and overhead locker. All in good condition.

    Still has the original front seats although the passenger seat base has some tears in it and a bit of material missing.

    1641cc engine which I have just serviced and replaced all the fuel lines, plugs, leads, dizzy cap, fan belt

    recent new front brake pads & hoses

    just fitted dropped spindles

    Fitted with towbar and electrics (previous owner used to tow a small camping trailer).

    Front bed hammock over front seats

    All MOTs from new

    Original service handbook from new

    Original rustproofing certificate from new

    £13,500 ono - I am in Solihull

    piccies to follow..
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  2. That's a bloody smart motor it as good underneath as is top end ,put some pics up .
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  3. Still got all the belly pans in place. Few areas of surface rust that need wire brushing & undesealing
    ...had some welding, as usual for a rhd van..but seems v solid.
  4. RB .....a Derby registration
  5. As well as pics of the underbody, I would ask why do you want to sell it so soon after purchase. In my mind you've owned a splittie before, but your Bay seems to be disappointing you for some reason.
  6. Presumably because it's not a splittie! Fair enough.
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  7. Will consider offers.
  8. Now reduced to £10k for a quick sale - also on ebay - grab yourselves a bargain !!
  9. Hi Is the van still for sale please?
  10. Sorry - now sold.
  11. not surprised its sold at that price.

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