FOR SALE 1972 Single Cab

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    South African, right hand drive Single cab for sale .
    Runs but needs head work, I've been quoted approx £850 to do it
    Just spent £750 on servicing, lowering etc.
    It's running discs in front and has an 1800 engine.

    Chassis is solid and I had pictures and videos to prove that, nose has filler, but overall it's a decent right hand drove bus not known on the scene.
    It was imported in 2011.

    I've owned it for just a few months as usp for my business but unfortunately it's not going to be suitable. I was perhaps a little silly to think so, and rushed in.

    I can do the head work, but I'm open to doing a deal asap as I have a opportunity to buy a tipper.

    I'm happy to answer what questions I can .

    Message me directly on my mobile 07563 503066. I'm not always on here.

    The bus will be going on eBay also.

    Price is £6000

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  2. Nice pickup GLWS :thumbsup:
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  3. 094779D2-FD64-4B05-A051-693628C5694E.jpeg Now on eBay ☝ 392221849958
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  5. Open to sensible offers as really need a transit ASAP !
  6. PM'd you but glws if it goes. Any more pics available?

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  8. Correct it’s still available at present one interested party but I’ll give it one more week then it will go in for the engine work so it’s a drivable working vehicle
  9. That outboard motor wont help ;)
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  10. Now sold
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