FOR SALE 1970 SA Import Crew Cab

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  1. Looking to sell my crew cab 1970 prototype SA import taxed and mot'ed 2.0 n/a subaru forester engine fitted by MAC VW last December I bought the whole car with 79000mls came with service history 2 keys all RJES parts used in fit runs sweet as a nut, Porsche 944 discs fitted on front with 4x16" d90s that are fully refurbed and finished in black grey metallic front and rear bumpers front badge and grill powder coated grey. Rear cover made for me by a guy who does boat covers. All interior in good condition no rips or tears. Needs n/s panel which it's booked in to Slambassador next month for. If I have the work done looking for £16000 or £15000 as is.
    Mob 0751 404 9768
    Location Wigan

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    We need contact details and a location please.

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  3. Sorry forgot mob 0751 404 9768. Location Wigan.

    Hi Matt, few family problems!! And to make matters worse a guy I know knew I was looking for a triumph TR4 and he's put me on to someone who is selling a restored MGA that wifey has fell in love with!!!
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  4. Hoops bows and canopy for sale seperatly?
  5. Yes £16000 comes with a FREE crew cab!!!! As we know everyone likes something for nothing. No only joking sorry. Should also add just had replacement fuse board fitted (old one cracked). Also mattress made for rear folds into three pieces and load bed roof now has bubble foil insulation and ply sheet so ready to go camping. Will post some more pics up
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  6. IMG_0818.JPG IMG_0817.JPG Let's go camping
  7. Side panel now fitted definetly looking to sell. Mob 0751 404 9768. IMG_0824.JPG IMG_0825.JPG
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