16” steel wheels

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  1. anyone know what wheels t2d are running on there adventure wagons?
  2. Probably Syncro wheels , Heritage sell them 6j x 16 with 66.1 centre bore and ET37
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  3. proper syncro wheel arent cheap.

    you can get mefro steels for 300 quid a set though from CVC
  4. Only in 15” though!

    Oponeo.co.uk have got a much bigger selection
  5. Syncro wheels look good to me! Cheers boys!
  6. davidoft

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    I do have some genuine 16 inch syncro wheels spare
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  7. Must be a nightmare for Mrs Davidoft at Christmas - you are the man who has everything ;)
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  8. My caddy 16”s were ET50, needed spacers to get the rears to fit so not ideal plus centre bore needed opening up at the front. There prob are other VAG options that would work better.
  9. The ones I saw were et30 but what’s 7mm between friends?

  10. davidoft

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    2 of everything :D
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  11. How much are you after bud?
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  13. Bit much that mate, cheers though
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    You got your Fuchs;)
  15. Nah repro synco wheels are only £80 a corner new mate
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    Not as good as these baby’s and they got tyres too ;)
  17. What tires?
  18. davidoft

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    Good year something, I’ll check
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