WANTED 12 v fridge

Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by camper 77, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. I'm after a 12v fridge if anyone has one to sell, chester
  2. its ted

    its ted Sponsor

    Just taken my Electrolux out of my Devon Moonraker in as new condition
    Only trouble is it’s in Kent
  3. its ted

    its ted Sponsor

  4. I’ve got an older Electrolux 2 way 12v/ gas fridge. Down near Brighton though
  5. Thank you Hillbillyfam & its ted, shame your both so far away, cheers though
  6. Hi " its ted" - sent you a pm re: your fridge for sale, ta

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  7. Have a 2 way and a 3 way fridge in Dorchester dorset

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