1.6 hesitates on acceleration

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by ZZ, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. ZZ


    Ok I know it could be many things but...
    I have a 1.6 twin port never hesitated before but now...
    SS exhaust and new bocar carb 34 pict 3 .
    Starts great, runs great under auto choke then seems to hesitate on acceleration.
    Carb is set up to be 10 half turns on idle and 5 half turns on mixture.

    Any ideas please?

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  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Did the start of the hesitation coincide with the new (crappy) Bocar carb?
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  3. I found this same hesitation with a new but junk far east carb.

    Found an old Solex and refurbished it -problem solved :thumbsup:
  4. Doubt it's the exhaust so the only other new addition is.........?
  5. I would give that carb a real good clean with carb cleaner. Take it off the engine and clean the thing.it could be an air leak
  6. I had the same issue with my bocar carb. Check to see if the acceleration pump is working and its components. (if yours has one?) My was not so a strip down and air line blast sorted it.
  7. ZZ


    Okay got an update for you.
    Fitted a svda dizzy and that has done 99% of the job.

    Still a bit of flat spotting in low revs but then maybe this is just the way it is?

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  8. No, it's not, I'm afraid. More investigation do do!
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  9. Check the jets in the bocar as they may not be right or drilled properly
  10. A lot of the aftermarket carbs need a strip and clean from new. They are full of grime from the making process.
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  11. Take the points and condenser out. Replace it with electronic ignition

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  12. as you have fitted a new dizzy, did you redo the timing. assume you fitted a new vac line to the vac can and which port on the carb is it connected to and which dizzy did you fit.
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  13. Running a bit lean maybe?
  14. Hot air feed into air cleaner missing?

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